Monday, February 16, 2009

Opening Movies is now Closed

Based on many recent developments, including the my growing interest in classic movies, this article, the economic downturn (yes you can blame the banks for this blog shutting down, I know I am), and the fact that most movies that open each week can be described by me as "craptastic", the Opening Movies blog is closing.

I want to thank all the visitors to the blog, and especially those who contributed via comments and suggestions. I had a great time blogging, but I feel that this blog has run it's course.

If you're still interested in the type of information I provided, please peruse these sites:

And don't forget to have fun at the movies!


Erica said...


Katie said...

I agree!!!

Holmbody said...

Yelling "Boo!" is only scary if you jump out from behind a trash can or something.

johnny 5 said...

thanks for the memories. you did a great job!

maybe you should start a new site counting down to the opening of Transformers!

Lony said...

After jumping out from behind a trash can, Lony Yells "BOOOOO!!!!!!"

Chris said...

Well a good run while it lasted. Let us know when/where you start blogging again. Cheers. ;)